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Waerebo Lodge and Village

The main purpose of Waerebo Lodge is to provide simple and good quality accommodation service for travellers that heading to Waerebo Village.

In addition, we would like to give something back to our community. We have a commitment to allocate 10% of Waerebo Lodge’s room rate to support social and cultural activities of the local community of Waerebo. Our partnership with tour operators and non-profit organisations allow us to deliver various trainings for them. In return, Waerebo Lodge provides special rates for these organisations.

We’re aware that the location of Waerebo Village is quite remote and isolated. That’s why Waerebo Lodge provides information service for travellers as well as the local community. We work with local guides and porters to organise a trip for you.

Rooms and Facilities

Waerebo Lodge offers you simple accommodation of 9 rooms. It consists of 2 double bed rooms and 7 twin bed rooms. Due to the limited capacity of Waerebo Lodge, booking in advance is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Each room has toilet inside. We provide toiletries in each room. The windows are also equipped with mosquito net to prevent unpleasant insects get into the rooms.

The terrace of our rooms is a great spot to relax and enjoy the landscape. You might notice the Mules island and the hills of Waerebo, while sitting in the terrace. When the sky is clear, you can watch sunrise and sunset view as the background of ricefields before you.

If you want to continue your journey to Nanga Lili or Ruteng, Waerebo Lodge has a tough and private transportation service to take you there. Our truck is a reliable means of transportation for the road condition in Flores.

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