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While you’re staying with us, you might be interested to explore the surrounding area of Waerebo Lodge. We’d like to offer you these activities:

  • Waerebo Expedition.
    Waerebo Village is the main attraction for our guests. Waerebo Lodge can organise 2 days trip to Waerebo Village; supported by local porters and guides.
  • Dintor Explorer.
    A half-day tour to Dintor village will give you some insights of local livelihood. We’ll be exploring the ricefields around Waerebo Lodge. Then, visit the village to see the weaving process of ikat
  • Visit Mules.
    Mules means beautiful. You may see the Mules Island from Waerebo Lodge. We can organise a full-day trip to explore the beauty of Mules. There’s a small fishing village in Mules. Here you can see their daily activities such as making wooden boat manually. Fishing with them is another option, then grill your fresh catch on the beach.
    You might be interested to go trekking to the hill of Mules through grassland. For those who seek sun and sea holidays, Mules beaches may offer you a quite environment.
  • Christmas Extraordinary (23-26 December).
    Come and celebrate Christmas in Waerebo! This time of the year is a special moment for us. On the 24th of December, you may want to get involved with the local parish to decorate the church and have a Christmas service at night. On the 25th we’ll be trekking to Waerebo Village. Stay there overnight and back to Waerebo Lodge on the 26th. Christmas in Waerebo might be a memorable experience in your lifetime.